If you’re tired of spending hours cleaning your floors and constantly battling pet hair and dust, then the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the solution you’ve been looking for. With its tangle-free 2200Pa suction power, this vacuum will effortlessly pick up all the dirt and debris in your home, leaving your floors spotless.

Not only does the Lefant M210 Pro save you time and effort, but it also has some incredible features that you won’t find in traditional vacuum cleaners. For example, its upgraded Freemove Technology 3.0 ensures that it never gets stuck or falls down the stairs, thanks to its built-in infrared sensors. Plus, it offers multiple cleaning modes, including spot cleaning, wall cleaning, and scheduled cleaning, so you can customize the cleaning process to suit your needs.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at this amazing product in this review and discover why the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a game-changer for anyone looking for a hassle-free cleaning experience. Whether you’re a pet owner dealing with constant shedding or simply someone who wants a clean home without the effort, this vacuum has you covered. We’ll explore its unique features, performance, and user experience to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s get started!

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How Lefant M210 Pro Works

The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with advanced features and technology to make your cleaning tasks more convenient and efficient. With its tangle-free 2200Pa suction and slim design, this robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal for pet owners and is perfect for cleaning hard floors. It is also compatible with Alexa, allowing you to control it via voice commands.

Upgraded Freemove Technology 3.0

One of the standout features of the Lefant M210 Pro is its upgraded Freemove Technology 3.0. This integrated whole body detection technology allows the robot vacuum to sense obstacles encountered by its whole body and retreat. This ensures that it avoids falling downstairs or getting stuck, providing a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

The M210 Pro offers multiple cleaning modes to suit your specific cleaning needs. These modes include arranged cleaning (zig-zag route), random cleaning, spot cleaning, wall cleaning, schedule cleaning, and manual control direction. You can easily choose between different modes and adjust the suction power as needed via the Lefant app, making cleaning tasks a breeze.

Carpet Boost & Quiet Cleaning

The M210 Pro is designed with carpet boost and quiet cleaning capabilities. It intelligently recognizes carpets and increases its suction power to the maximum for optimal cleaning performance. Additionally, this robot vacuum cleaner operates with softer white noise, significantly reducing noise levels and ensuring that it does not disrupt your babies or pets.

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Lefant M210 Pro Product Uses

The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be used for various cleaning tasks in your home. Here are some product uses that demonstrate its versatility:

Everyday Floor Maintenance

With its powerful 2200Pa suction and advanced cleaning modes, the M210 Pro is perfect for everyday floor maintenance. Whether you have hardwood floors, tiled surfaces, or laminate, this robot vacuum can effectively clean up dust, dirt, and pet hair, leaving your floors spotless.

Pet Hair Removal

Pet owners will appreciate the M210 Pro’s ability to tackle pet hair. The two side brushes concentrate dust, pet hair, and garbage, which is then efficiently sucked by the brushless suction mouth specially designed for pet families. This eliminates the need to manually clean tangled hair on traditional roller brushes, saving you time and effort.

Customized Cleaning Schedule

The M210 Pro allows you to schedule cleaning sessions according to your preferences. You can easily set specific times for the robot vacuum to start cleaning, ensuring that your floors are consistently clean. This feature is especially useful if you have a busy lifestyle and want to maintain a clean home without having to manually operate the vacuum.

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Product Specifications

To give you a better understanding of the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, here are its key specifications:

Suction Power2200Pa
Cleaning ModesArranged cleaning, Random cleaning, Spot cleaning, Wall cleaning, Schedule cleaning, Manual control direction
RuntimeUp to 120 minutes
Charging Time4-6 hours
ConnectivityWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)
CompatibilityAlexa, Google Assistant
Dustbin Capacity0.6L
Noise Level<65dB(A)
Dimensions11.22 x 11.22 x 2.95 inches
Weight5.1 pounds

Who Is It For

The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for individuals or families who want to simplify their cleaning routine and maintain a clean home. It is particularly suitable for the following:

  • Pet owners: The M210 Pro’s powerful suction and pet-specific features make it perfect for tackling pet hair and dander.
  • Busy professionals: With its scheduling capabilities, the M210 Pro ensures that your floors are cleaned even when you’re not at home.
  • Those with mobility issues: The convenience of having a robot vacuum cleaner eliminates the need for manual cleaning and reduces strain on individuals with mobility limitations.

Lefant M210 Pro Pros and Cons


  • Tangle-free 2200Pa suction power for efficient cleaning
  • Multiple cleaning modes for diverse cleaning needs
  • Carpet boost feature for optimal cleaning performance on carpets
  • Quieter operation compared to traditional vacuum cleaners
  • Suitable for pet owners with its specially designed brushless suction mouth
  • Improved auto-recharging efficiency for hassle-free cleaning sessions
  • Easy-to-use app and voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant


  • Limited to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for connectivity

What Customers Say

Customers who have purchased and used the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner are highly satisfied with its performance. They appreciate its powerful suction, quiet operation, and ability to effectively clean pet hair. The convenience of scheduling cleaning sessions and controlling the vacuum through the app or voice commands is also highly praised.

Lefant M210 Pro Overall Value

The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers excellent value for its price. With its advanced features, powerful suction, and user-friendly app and voice control, it simplifies your cleaning routine and ensures that your floors are kept clean. Its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant further enhances its convenience and usability.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To achieve the best results with the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Before the initial use, familiarize yourself with the app and its features for seamless control of the robot vacuum.
  2. Clear any objects or obstacles from the floor to prevent the vacuum from getting stuck or tangling with cords.
  3. Regularly empty and clean the dustbin to maintain optimal cleaning performance.
  4. Identify high-traffic areas and adjust the cleaning schedule to focus on those areas more frequently.


In conclusion, the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a reliable and efficient cleaning companion that offers outstanding features. Its upgraded technology, multiple cleaning modes, and powerful suction make it a valuable addition to any home.

Whether you have pets, hardwood floors, or a busy lifestyle, the M210 Pro is designed to simplify your cleaning routine and keep your floors spotless. With its user-friendly app and voice control capabilities, it provides a seamless cleaning experience. Invest in the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner and enjoy cleaner floors with minimal effort.

Product Summary of Lefant M210 Pro

The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an advanced and versatile cleaning device that offers powerful suction, multiple cleaning modes, and convenient app and voice control. Ideal for pet owners and those with busy lifestyles, this robot vacuum can effectively clean hard floors and tackle pet hair.

With its upgraded technology and improved recharging efficiency, the M210 Pro ensures hassle-free cleaning and guarantees a spotless home. Download the Lefant app and experience the convenience of a smart cleaning solution with the M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

FAQ’s about Lefant M210 Pro

How does the Lefant M210 Pro navigate around obstacles?

The M210 Pro is equipped with infrared sensors that allow it to detect obstacles and maneuver around them to avoid collisions.

Can the M210 Pro clean multiple rooms?

Yes, the M210 Pro can easily clean multiple rooms. You can schedule the cleaning sessions or manually control the direction through the app/Alexa/Google Assistant.

Does the M210 Pro work on different types of flooring?

Yes, the M210 Pro is designed to clean various types of hard floors, including hardwood, tile, and laminate. It adapts its cleaning performance to different floor surfaces.

How long does the M210 Pro run on a single charge?

The M210 Pro has a runtime of up to 120 minutes on hardwood floors before it automatically returns to the charging station.


If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient robot vacuum cleaner, the Lefant M210 Pro is highly recommended. Its powerful suction, multiple cleaning modes, and pet-specific features make it an excellent choice for pet owners and anyone who wants to simplify their cleaning routine.

With its user-friendly app, voice control capabilities, and advanced technology, the M210 Pro offers exceptional value and ensures a clean home with minimal effort. Invest in the Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner and enjoy a cleaner, more convenient lifestyle.



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